"Political Legitimacy as Grounded in the Wills of Citizens: A Reply to Peter" forthcoming in the Journal of the American Philosophical Association

"In Defense of Wishful Thinking" forthcoming in Moral Philosophy and Politics 

"Medical Necessity, Mental Health, and Justice" forthcoming in Clinical Ethics


Here is my dissertation abstract.

Works in Progress

"The How and Why of Mentorship in Undergraduate Philosophy Teaching" (Invited essay for From Preparation to Practice: The Art of Teaching Philosophy, ed. Brynn Welch, under contract with Bloomsbury Academic)

"On Justification in Moral Education"

"Is Concerted Cultivation Good Parenting?" with Harry Brighouse and Lindsey Schwartz

"The Influence of Parenting Styles on College Student Success & What Universities Should Do In Light of It" with Harry Brighouse and Lindsey Schwartz

Center for Ethics and Education Graduate Institute ("Philosophy Camp") alums meeting at the North American Association for Philosophy and Education Annual Conference, Oct. 2022, Mundelein, IL (Photo credit: Carrie Welsh)