Here is my teaching statement.

Courses Taught

These are courses I've taught as an instructor of record.

  • Philosophy of Moral Education | Syllabus

  • Introductory Ethics (x3) | Syllabus

  • Introduction to Philosophy | Syllabus

  • Philosophy and Feminism | Syllabus

  • Ethics in Business | Syllabus

  • Philosophy of Sex and Love (x2) | Syllabus

  • Contemporary Moral Issues | Syllabus

Sample Courses

These are some sample syllabi for courses I'd love to teach. Syllabi are to be adapted depending on course size, level, class schedule, and institutional requirements.

  • Contemporary Political Philosophy | Syllabus

  • Philosophy of Law | Syllabus

  • Law, Morality, and the U.S. Constitution | Syllabus

  • Philosophy and the Arts | Syllabus

  • History of Western Political Philosophy | Syllabus

  • History of Philosophy: East and West | Syllabus