For Students

So you want to study philosophy?

Here are some resources I've compiled over time to pass on to students who want to keep learning about philosophy on their own.

Where to get started:

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - The SEP has high-quality articles written by experts in the field.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - The IEP is a peer-reviewed internet resource.

I do not recommend the philosophy articles on Wikipedia.

Databases and directories:

PhilPapers - An index and bibliography of philosophy.

Philosophers' Index - Database of philosophy articles.

JSTOR - General journal article database.

Google Scholar

Writing help:

Jim Pryor's Guide to Writing Philosophy

Jim Pryor's Philosophical Terms and Methods - Philosophy glossary for beginners.

I also recommend the classic Elements of Style by Strunk and White.

Philosophy web links:

Here are some websites and links that may be of interest to students who are looking for news, literature, or entertainment related to philosophy:

The Center for Ethics and Education - Resources and podcasts on education and ethics.

The Stone - New York Times philosophy op-ed series.

Aeon - Ideas and culture magazine with philosophy articles.

The Philosophical Lexicon - Joke glossary.

1000-Word Philosophy - Introductory anthology.

Philosophy Bro - Philosophy written for "bros."

PEA Soup - Philosophy, ethics, and academia blog.

Crooked Timber - Academic blog with several contributing philosophers.

Daily Nous - News blog about academic philosophy.

The Point - "A magazine of the examined life"


Below are some philosophical podcasts for your listening enjoyment. Other podcast series that I like and draw from in my courses, but which are not necessarily philosophy-related, include Radiolab, This American Life, New York Times The Daily, and NPR's Hidden Brain.

Philosophy Talk - podcast with some Stanford philosophy professors

The Unmute Podcast - philosophy and real-world issues

Philosophy Bites - interviews with philosophers

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps - podcast on history of philosophy, including lesser known figures

Egg Timer Philosophy - philosophical ideas scrambled into 5-10 minutes

Slate's Hi-Phi Nation

Center for Ethics and Education Podcast

In addition to all of these, here is a big list of philosophy podcasts: